THeater Suitcase 20th Anniversary Edition

Celebrating the 20th anniversary of APB Tools (founded 1994 in Berlin), the Theater Suitcase is available in the beginning of 2015 as a Anniversary Edition which incorporates the currently optimal Graphics-, Mainboard- and Processor-Hardware for the system and the optimized v4.0 VideoEngine Software.

One of the highlights of the "THeater Suitcase 20th Anniversary Edition“ is the pricing.

Until 15th of May 2015 the "THeater Suitcase 20th Anniversary Edition“ is available for end users for the standard-system price of 5.280 Euro netto.

A free upgrade to VideoEngine3D v4.0 Software is also included.

The "THeater Suitcase 20th Anniversary Edition“ contains:

  1. Installed "TH-S VideoEngine3D“ Software incl. free upgrade to v4.0
  2. XEON E3 1241v3 Quadcore Processor 3,5/3.9GHz (reduces the possibly available video output channels from 9 to 6 but accordingly raises the decoding power via Hyperthreading)
  3. AMD R9 285 Graphics ("Tonga Pro") incl. MST 1.2 Hub for up to 6 Video-Outputs OR AMD FirePro W5100 Graphics (4 Video-Outputs), OR AMD FirePro W600 (6 Video-Outputs)
  4. Highly optimized H264 4k Playback over "Tonga Pro" GPU in v4.0
  5. WIN7 Pro 64bit, 8GByte RAM, 256 GByte System SSD, 3 TByte Media Harddrive
  6. BlueRay Writer/Player with M-Disc longterm archiving 
  7. TouchOSC license for IPad/IPhone Remote Software
  8. Installed collection of Standard Video-/Audio-Utility Software
  9. Free Telephone Support

Choosable Case Options: Original Suitcase, Suitcase XL, Suitcase XL19

The first 20 orders contain a additional installation of the current TH-S XL4 Audio-Software.