NEW: THeater Suitcase XL

The new THeater Suitcase XL is available now in silver or black colors. The XL variant features a bigger case  (386x188x460mm) with 4 PCIe Slots. This allows, in addition to the 6 channel video output card, the use of up to 3 additional Audio- oder Live-Video Input cards (i.e. Blackmagic Intensity Pro). Up to 7 Harddisks can be placed inside the case.

The other features and the pricing are equal to the 2014 Original-Models with i5 "Devils Canyon“ Quadcore 3.5/3.9 GHz, 256 GByte System SSD, 2 TByte Media HD, BlueRay Writer, 8 GByte RAM, integrated 8 channel audio etc. 

For even higher demanding work with i.e. multiple 2K/4K videos the THeater Suitcase XL(X) replaces the Intel "Devils Canyon" Quadcore with the latest Intel XEON v3 Quadcore 3.5/3.9 GHz processor. This reduces the total amount of video outputs from 9 to 6, but results in increased decoding power for the video streams via Hyperthreading.

Also new is the chassis version THeater Suitcase XL19, which is optimized for installations in machine rooms / racks. Because of the elegant design this solution can even be used as a desktop PC.

It contains space for 2 "hot-swappable" 3,5 inch harddisk slots, 2x 2,5 inch + 1x 3,5 inch internal harddisks, as well as 1x 5,25 inch BluRay drive. The magnetically fixed front panel can be locked via key to avoid unauthorized access.

TH-Suitcase XL

XL19: Click to enlarge