APB Tools was founded 1994 and is active mainly in two areas:

Audio/Video Software Development

Commercial Products: Eternal Machine, SIGMA1, PhaseMeter, THeatre System XL4, TH-S VideoEngine etc.

Pro Audio Consulting & Surround Sound Design

The most renowned consulting/planning project of our company is the studio design for the „Elektronische Studio“ of the Technical University Berlin. 

It is a large studio complex for the "Institute of Communication Sciences“ (today „Fachgebiet Audiokommunikation", Prof. Weinzierl) which works in the area of contemporary music with the focus of "sound in space", working together with international composers and engineers.

Bernd Schönhaar (APB Tools) was responsible for the whole design process of the studio infrastructure and was supervising the building of it.

Further projekts:

EXPO2000 „Medialer Garten“ - Sounddesign and final mix for the 35-channel media presentation of the 16 federal states of Germany

Universal Studio Themepark Taragona, Spain - Final mix (SIGMA1) for the cinema ride „SEAFARI“

Event Sounddesign for various contractors